You can select the fence elements according to your needs and customize the steel frames with Booms

CAPRA Protection Double

The basic option: our massive concrete block with a steel double wire panel.

CAPRA Protection Boom

The fence element with additional bent arm at the top for more security.

CAPRA Protection Y-Boom

For maximum security in all directions: Fence element with Y-Extention on top.

Sample from a Customer task: CAPRA Protection Y-Boom with Nato wire

Even more protction: our Y-Boom additionally secured with Nato razor wire

CAPRA Protection Detektion

Complete your security fence with a unique detection system to react faster on climbing over attemps.

CAPRA Protection gates and passages

Upon request we can offer CAPRA mobile security fence gates and passages.

CAPRA Protection individual

  • For your special requests or special requirements we offer tailor made solutions
  • Higher security: equip your Y-Boom extension with NATO wire
  • Color your fence element with all possible RAL-Colors